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Organismal and Environmental Biology at CNU

William Ternes

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Mechanisms driving intraspecific geographic variation in diet
Geographic variation, Biogeography, diet, trophic ecology, morphological variation



William is a second year Master's student at Christopher Newport University. He earned his Bachelor of Science in zoology at Ohio University. His research examines diet variation of the widespread ornate tree lizard (Urosaurus ornatus) and the mechanisms that may drive this variation. His research originated while questioning the behaviors of ecological generalists, and whether or not ecological differentiation occurs among these generalists. In the summer of 2016 William surveyed 10 populations of the ornate tree lizard along a latitudinal gradient ranging from central Utah to southern Arizona. William is also engaged in behavioral research concerning social dominance and locomotor performance in lizards.

After graduate school, William plans to pursue a career as an environmental biologist in the public or private sector.